Monday, February 1, 2010

my night with The Machine



After all my extravigent planning (which you all read about in my last blog) I did ACTUALLY get to see Florence + The Machine play live...

so to all you who said I couldn't do it.

Screw You!

What a night of festivities it was....

My friend Michael and I were rushed to get to the valley.... "someone" [he] took way too long to get ready and therefore we missed the bus right outside my house.

So, I struted down Maygar Street, with my gold and black dress and a big green flower in my hair, down to Lutwych road.....where we caught a cab

$10.50 later we reach the valley, only to have a very unknowledgable confusing 'James G' head us in the wrong direction....

"It's AAAAGGGEEESSS Away...somewhere near Spring Hill, I think"
So, I got my strut on again and waltzed up Brusnwick, heading towards the city/Spring Hill.

After much trecking, and not much success we come across an excitable gay couple.
"Where are you rushing to?" they queried.
"Wow, you're way off! take a cab, and get them to take you to the RNA showgrounds"

The boys licked their used stamps to try and fuse the marks onto our skin. Unfortunately the only thing that was left on our skin was they saliva.

Finally, reaching the RNA showgrounds my friend Lakkari, who is screaming with excitement from inside, whispers to me about a secret ally way that leazds to the stage where Florence is about to come on.
We hurry up the ally way to find a fence and a couple of poor people sitting down, drinking beer and waiting for the dramatic singer to jump on stage.

closer than the back row even


After I basically came, due to excitement over such an amazing event, with my collection of friends that had seen my dancing from the mosh, (Dane, Lakkari, Danielle, Michael and I) all headed over to the Laneway After party at Empire Hotel.

After drinking and meeting randoms, like you do in every night life situation, I spotted something that appeared somehow familiar - a glimmer of Red Hair.
I pause.
No, It can't be...
but is.


Florence, from Florence + the Machine, is sitting on a thin, blonde girls lap, chatting and drinking away.
Without a second thought of hesitation I rush over to flood her with my emotions of how amazing her show (and her hair) is. With tired exhustion she thanks me and then whisks off to do double shots at the bar.

There was lots of photos taken...and much rejoicing.


What a fantastic night

and you all didn't believe I'd see her
Now whose laughing

ironically, I am MWAHAHAHAHAHA

Maybe I'll make my new found, sneaking skills into a career.....
The Offical Festival Crasher....
could work.

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