Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sex Changes

*You always said that sex would change you, change you, change you, change you...* Sex Changes, Amanda Palmer



After long, in depth Facebook Chat conversations about got me thinking on what really does change a person...and whether or not change is a good thing.

I guess some changes can be good. Moving away from my prision up North - down to a more exciting life style was an amazing change. And with this change my friendships are also changing. Without the change of habitat I wouldn't have met my new friend Rachel - who is not only creative, with exciting artistic flare....but strangely easy to talk to. I also am more excited to see old friends and family members - now being so far from them.

Looking at a situation like this it appears that change is a great thing.
But what about when people change?


As it appears, being bored, at work of a Monday Morning, is the idealistic way to start the great Facebook Chat debate.
Thanks to my esteemed friend Lewis - we fell into a deep, confruntational banter on whether or not drugs change a person.
I (sticking to the life lessons I learnt in Primary school, I was on the side that Drugs are STILL bad) ...whilst Lewis took a more...unconventional approach.


The way I see it, people to who take drugs, especially pot, seem to lose a little bit, everytime, of who they used to be.
They become lazier, or they don't care as much about something they used to love, or perhaps just a new found hatred for cuisines you used to love.

But, I guess, all throughout out media we are told that the changes that happen to a person on drugs is bad ... yet why should we care what society thinks.

I mean, we are told to be individual and not care what others think, so how can we establish if these changes are good or bad.
And maybe it doesn't really matter if you're changing as long as your actually satisfied with who you are... (-the point that LuLu (aka Lewis) raised)

I'm fairly certain that when the world looks at me they think; extremely happy, overly opinionated and perhaps a little hyperactive.
But really I like being happy, because it means people like to be around me. I like to be overly opinionated because at least I know when I'm creating music or art I always have something to discuss. And theres nothing wrong with having a little too much energy, is there.

So, I'm not sure whether change is good or bad. I still think drugs are not really the way to change and develop who you are as a person....but who am I to judge.

Let's just hope that when we wake up tomorrow, we can still recognise the people around us.


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