Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost in Cyberspace!!!!!!!!!!

When I was a kid....
(Now, I know what you're thinking..... wasn't that like 3 years ago...but SHUT UP I mean like a little kid)
.... the world was substantially different.

I used to spend my money saving for $5 music singles from Sanity, writting in my "Girl Tech" voice-locking diary and riding my bike to my friends house, to make up dance routiens to N'sync.
But today, everything has become much more "hi-tech".


Instead of calling your friend or biking over to their house.....
we facebook chat them.
Instead of meeting a cute guy at a coffee shop and going on a dinner date...
we search for blind dates on RSVP.
It seems the entirity of our world has turned itself upside down and become cyber spacial.

Yes, our world has stretched beyond the means of physical or verbal contact and taken on a world of it's own, completely.

But now, that we've switched our world over, on to the net, are we still controlling it....or is it slowly starting to control us?


As Stanley Kubrick's 70s cult film, "2001: A Space Odyssey" explores, through the evolution of technology and the internet, our world is starting to be controlled by machines.
On facebook thousands of people are a apart of millions of different groups:
The "Kevin Rudd Sucks" group
The "Death to Bindy Irwin" group
The "I kissed a girl, and I liked it" group....
these groups are a way of people joining together, to share their ideals and interests.

But what happens when these groups go to far....
... when some appocolypto obsessed, computer geek, that's living in his mothers garage, decides that "yeah, it's hot enough today to be the end of the world", and creates a "It's finally the end of the world" facebook group....

will the entire teen, cyberspacial population join the group and start to bite off their arms and legs out of fear that the worlds about to end?!

Or even worse, will those teens, unfortunate enough to have M.I.L.Fs as mothers (Mothers I'd Like to Fuck), actually have to watch their mums be chatted up by their class mates, on Facebook....which will inevitably end in a virtual marriage!?!

Whose to say what our technological future will bring, but I have to say...I'm not sure if I like it.....


I often toss and turn at night, having dreams of going to text message parties - where we all sit in a room, getting drunk and text messaging the other people in the room/at the party. Where the party is silent and people are so fixated on their mobiles their eyes fall out after their 6th Corona.


I like the way we party noowwwwwww!
I like being chatted up by the stereotypical party sleeze.
I like dancing on table tops, when your so drunk its embarressing
And I like meeting new people!
and I know I'm being hypocritical by writting this blog on the internet
But I would write on our city walls if I had the paint
it's only cause of ease and because I'm poor.


We should make a stand....follow my blog and we will make sure text message parties

........ EVER

now let's all have a frolic in the fields together......
group hug in the showers later!

p.s Hi michael
and last comment was for you

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