Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Bohemian Dayzz


These days are different --- more exciting, more amusing, more theraputic and more...Bohemic.

As I stumble of out bed - my hair a firey mess, eye almost glued shut - I roughly and blindly push the on button to my now out of date "Retro" iPod Nano, to hear the sweet melodic rhythm that is Florence + The Machine. I shuffle my feet from side to side throwing my ruffelled hair around the room. I dance my way around the room until I reach the giant kitchen window that opens onto the streets's not until I see the parked Transinfo bus parked right outside the window that I remember I'm in my underwear .....

hmmm, an interesting way to start the morning but never the less I am excited for it is tomorrow that I will use my new found Bohemian skills to attempt to sneak into ....



but shhhhh as I am waaaaayyyy too poor to afford tickets it's time to get tough!
Time to break a few limbs, bash a few gates.

I've roped in my hot bitch girlfriend Lakkari to source me in from the inside
and my new found BFF to sneak in too.

It's the new Bohemian way - where all I do is make money to buy alcohol and plastic cups and tickets (sometimes), stay up late walking along the river of South Bank, watching the city lights, partying late with fighting screaming drunk girls and waking up early to dance in my underwear.


For so many years I dreamt of a freedom I could have that would destroy the rut, and as I sit hear playing There There, (Radiohead) and typing to all you readers (if you do at all exist) I feel that maybe that's what I have....finally...

It's good to Bohemian Like You ;)


Friday, January 22, 2010

Good morning Charlie

What's sexier than three smokin' hot babes, that kick ass and fight crime (under the instruction of a vocally seductive stranger) living together?

Waking up in the morning to see the house painters fat belly squashed against your bedroom window.

How could this be at all appealling you ask?
Well in all's not.

But the idea that me and two of my closest girlfriends are now offically living in the very near suburbia of Brisbane - and are having our beautiful Queenslander painted - is enough to turn anyone on!


So, I know your all dying to know "What's it like....finally doing what you've always dreamed? Is it as you imagined?"

Well no actually....

It's better!

Every morning I wake up and realise I'm actually in a city that appreciates what I love - music, art and the love of live gigs any day of the week and realiable public transfer.

But just between you and I - there are two things about the city that I'm loving the most....

1) Having my own place means I can strip down whenever and dance to my hearts content

2) That sense of being around interesting people again
... to be honnest it's extremely comforting and yet thrilling to walk through the city and feel so many people brush up against you....
... People who have multi-coloured hair, people of all different weights, where no two people look the same.

How exciting this new world is - where musos freely roam the area and artists fling their brushes around on the streets.


A recent example would be my meeting of the two, gay photographers....:

One night (recent night), on a night out and about in the Valley, I very quickly got over the sticky, sweaty atmosphere of one of Brisbane's various clubs, and decided to take a walk.

(Yes I know it is dumb to walk on your own, in the valley, at night...But I was not about endure any more free gropage or spilled drinks!)

So, I ventured down towards a little place called Barsomas. On my way down I run into two fellas - both young, strapping, very well dressed, Indie boys - carrying a camera each, around their necks, and a white frame in each hand. After briefly discussing our shared passion for the art of Photography (as we walked together) we decided to try and get into clubs for free.

That night at Barsomas the cover charge was $16.
Not being anywhere near pay day I didn't have the dosh to cough up for entry.
So, I grabbed a hold of the frames and the boys held up their cameras and bursted in unison "MEDIA"


After making up something quick about a new magazine (that they hadn't heard of) that was being released next month we convinced the bouncers to let us in for free.

We then spent the next 40 minutes together - myself running around and framing unsuspecting faces, while the boys shot away.

Yes, it was an extremely strange night - BUT something I've never done before....
which excites me more than anything in the world (besides L.D).

So to reiterate my initial statement:
How a fat painter's belly be at all sexy...

Is because that fat man's belly reminds me that this is my house, in my city and my new life.

Chyeah Bitches!
Now what next...?


Friday, January 1, 2010



is over and the start of my new life is just beginning...

Tomorrow, I pack up and move out of home....say goodbye to what I've known as my familar, to see everything thats unfamiliar.

What does 2010 hold for me?
New people? new places? new oppotunities....

Hoepfully I'll be doing a lot of gigs and finish my album to I can get rid of all the excess Jordy I feel the need to leak into the world around me....

maybe then I'd get off this damn computer and this damn blog and live a forfilling life....
(wishful thinking)

Thinking about all the oppotunities this year holds excites me.
Just the fact that what I have waited for, for three years now ...
(a house in Brisbane city, where I can live without pants on, cover the trees in fairy lights and walk into my own kitchen in the morning and drink some nice, lactose free milk).

As my last night on the coast and last night with my dear mother, how does one celebrate?

How do I celebrate?


Pants off, and it's time to dance ;)

My favourtie, and also hopelessly embarressing celebratory passtime is in fact dancing in my underwear to that days choice of song.

Fireflires by Owl City started tonight off and now I am all danced out....

And now, like a small girl on christmas eve, am wishing I'll get to sleep quicker so it's tomorrow....then I can dance with whomever I want, in my own house, listening to whatever I want and wearing whatever I want (or rather NOT wearing).

Goodbye coast, and hello The Natalia, Jordy, Kayla house of NO PANTS!!!!!!!!

feel free to join us whenever you like - as long as you like music, fairylights and taking your clothes off of course (and not in a weird way) ... (well not really anyway).

Goodnight old life....I'll see my new life at 7am tomorrow morning :)