Saturday, February 27, 2010

Take them off ;)

When you get rejected by a guy you have a crush on, you start to question what is so wrong about you, that he doesn't like. And most friends and family memebers would comment back saying "There's nothing wrong with you, you might not be his type or he may like someone else, or he's not ready for a relationship blah blah blah"


But the fact of the matter is, us members of the female species will never accept that it's not something wrong with us, that he doesn't like.

Women and men are meant to team up to procreate and keep the world running as it is. And generally you chose a member of the opposite sex that attracts you. But I must say, it's pretty fucking impossible....

After feeling down and a little rejected I began to ponder as to what is wrong with me. It's not like guys don't go for me...some do....but never the ones I want....
As the typical girl I am , I got onto the track of "maybe if I were thinner, taller, blonde, brunette, etc etc"
But THEN, a friend of mine, who I must say is extremely attractive and a lot of men would be into her....but she was having the exact same problem...the boy she liked just didn't like her back.
So, with some girlfriends we began to plot (as do all girls when it comes to boys) on how one friend would talk to this boy, and talk the girl up to the guy, hoping that in the end, after all we've been talked up, that they'll realise that they actually DO like us.
But, in the morning, when I look back at the school girl ideas I realise how naive and stupid us girls are towards men.

Generally, girls aren't that shallow. Course the guy has to be attractive to the girl, but that could be completely due to a great personality or smile or eyes. Where as guys generally will go for looks....big boobs, tiny waistes, long hair...whatever.
Now, us girls will think that if we hang out with these guys and show them how cool we are and look our best they fall head over heels for our personalities.... never gonna happen!

And a lot of the time a guy will be sooooooo sweet to you...for one reason only....and we all know what that is, don't we?



And a lot of those times girls percieve this as either a really lovely, charming guy....OR...that he likes her. WRONG... again.
really...on a whole...girls truely suck when it comes to interpretting the male species.
Why do we even bother.

I guess the reason we have such difficulties getting together (with the opposite sex) is to stop the world from over populating.

Inevitably....every girls hopes that her dream man is like Colin Firth from Bridget Jones' Diary - where as he likes her.... just as she is.


not thinner, not prettier not perhaps more classy. Just as she is.
And not to mention he's a gentleman AND he's handsome.
Every girl looks at the boy they like and disreguard all his flaws and try their hardest to see the Marc Darcy starring back into their eyes. But, I guess, it's hard to see the Marc Darcy in his eyes, when he's only starring at your boobs.
Inevitably it's a merry go round that will never end


and so, to conclude.
Us woman...are screwed :)

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