Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Bohemian Dayzz


These days are different --- more exciting, more amusing, more theraputic and more...Bohemic.

As I stumble of out bed - my hair a firey mess, eye almost glued shut - I roughly and blindly push the on button to my now out of date "Retro" iPod Nano, to hear the sweet melodic rhythm that is Florence + The Machine. I shuffle my feet from side to side throwing my ruffelled hair around the room. I dance my way around the room until I reach the giant kitchen window that opens onto the streets's not until I see the parked Transinfo bus parked right outside the window that I remember I'm in my underwear .....

hmmm, an interesting way to start the morning but never the less I am excited for it is tomorrow that I will use my new found Bohemian skills to attempt to sneak into ....



but shhhhh as I am waaaaayyyy too poor to afford tickets it's time to get tough!
Time to break a few limbs, bash a few gates.

I've roped in my hot bitch girlfriend Lakkari to source me in from the inside
and my new found BFF to sneak in too.

It's the new Bohemian way - where all I do is make money to buy alcohol and plastic cups and tickets (sometimes), stay up late walking along the river of South Bank, watching the city lights, partying late with fighting screaming drunk girls and waking up early to dance in my underwear.


For so many years I dreamt of a freedom I could have that would destroy the rut, and as I sit hear playing There There, (Radiohead) and typing to all you readers (if you do at all exist) I feel that maybe that's what I have....finally...

It's good to Bohemian Like You ;)


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