Friday, January 1, 2010



is over and the start of my new life is just beginning...

Tomorrow, I pack up and move out of home....say goodbye to what I've known as my familar, to see everything thats unfamiliar.

What does 2010 hold for me?
New people? new places? new oppotunities....

Hoepfully I'll be doing a lot of gigs and finish my album to I can get rid of all the excess Jordy I feel the need to leak into the world around me....

maybe then I'd get off this damn computer and this damn blog and live a forfilling life....
(wishful thinking)

Thinking about all the oppotunities this year holds excites me.
Just the fact that what I have waited for, for three years now ...
(a house in Brisbane city, where I can live without pants on, cover the trees in fairy lights and walk into my own kitchen in the morning and drink some nice, lactose free milk).

As my last night on the coast and last night with my dear mother, how does one celebrate?

How do I celebrate?


Pants off, and it's time to dance ;)

My favourtie, and also hopelessly embarressing celebratory passtime is in fact dancing in my underwear to that days choice of song.

Fireflires by Owl City started tonight off and now I am all danced out....

And now, like a small girl on christmas eve, am wishing I'll get to sleep quicker so it's tomorrow....then I can dance with whomever I want, in my own house, listening to whatever I want and wearing whatever I want (or rather NOT wearing).

Goodbye coast, and hello The Natalia, Jordy, Kayla house of NO PANTS!!!!!!!!

feel free to join us whenever you like - as long as you like music, fairylights and taking your clothes off of course (and not in a weird way) ... (well not really anyway).

Goodnight old life....I'll see my new life at 7am tomorrow morning :)

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