Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where are all the cool people at!?!

Where I spend my days there are a certain number of "cool people"...
they wear what's cool, they act like they know they are cool,
and attend parties regularly where people know they are cool.

Yet, I find these people the epitome of "uncool".
They act as if they own this small world we live in, as they know everyone.
But then, you ask them what they think about music or you ask them what they think about art or what they do for fun...
and it's always the same.
They think what everyone else thinks and they drink, every weekend, as if they don't know else they could be doing.

These people bore me!
I'm finding it difficult to find people that have their own opinion.
That dress the way they want, that think the way they want.
People that never like something or hate something because it's cool

My new and exciting friend Tegan is a bit like this.
Some may call her waky or crazy, but boy is she fun.
She dresses her own way, she likes just what she likes,
dances the way she dances and does whatever.


But it seems, on the coast, people, like Tegan, are a dying race.

Where are all the REAL cool people at?
hopefully my move to a more cultured city will help me meet people, that are just like,
that really, in all honnesty, don't give a shit about what anyone else thinks...


(I would really like to secretly investigate that junk yard down the road from my house though...)

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