Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome to my Rut...

"Why can't we still see each other!?!" he exclaims.
"Because we are in a rut!"


The dreaded word that fustrates me more than a four hour long maths exam
and distresses me more than financial stability...

Must we eventually give into the rut?

For those who are fortunately lucky enough to not know what The Rut is...
A Rut is the mundane, day-in day-out routien,
> which may consist of every night sitting on the couch, watching repeats of the simpsons and brushing your partners hair,
> Or the weekly routien of "the usual" down at the local pub, with the boys.

In a world where there are so many cultures, places to see, people to meet, how is it that we get so bolted down with this safe, mundane routien.
It's as if the entire world has decided to take on the ideals of that of an Existentialist....

And alas this is what I fear the most!
When ever I'm sitting in the passanges seat of an small, moving vehicle, and watch the luscious fields, flowing rivers and mysetrious forests go past I feel like screaming STOP! I need to see this. I need to feel it.


And yet, my chauffer keeps on driving, as if their only thoughts are, "The beauty can wait. Quick, let's get back to the rut before something way too exciting happens!"

Unfortunately, it is such a thing as The Rut that has ruined many of my relationships.
Why are we always so bored, when there's so much to do?!?


So, I plead this....
Good readers of internet blogs, artists, future politics, nerds, whom ever you are...
If you feel the same as me. You see the world and want to frolic in it with another...
You want drink from streams, skinny dip in every coast...
streek through sun flower fields and kiss and fool around in long grass....
Comment this blog!!!!!


I need my faith restored that others see the world around us and don't want to miss it either!
I wanna finally meet an adventurous man that actually likes to climb mountains and explore junk yards.

Where's your sense of adventure gone!?!

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